Your “to-do” list on Paxos

Paxos’s list of must-do things

1.Enjoy a boat trip to Antipaxos Island

A unique experience of exploring the beautiful Island of Antipaxos

2.Circumnavigate the island with a boat and check out the Blue Caves – Antipaxos

This is a must-do excursion to see the most famous Paxos landmarks

3.Visit inland villages Gaios- Lakka – Loggos

Live like a local, walking through the traditional villages

4.Swim at Vrika beach

A unique sandy beach, ideal for families.

5.Swim at Voutoumi beach

Voutoumi is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece with crystal clear turquoise waters and white sand.

6.Visit the Blue caves

Words are so poor when describing the Blue caves of Paxos.

7.Check out Tripitos arch

This spectacular rock arch is actually a massive collapsed sea cave.

8.Discover Paxos and explore its secret footpaths

Literally hundreds of ancient donkey tracks leading through terraced olive groves & through sleepy hamlets.

9.Enjoy scuba diving

Have your time in a tranquil and quiet crystal-water scenery with rich underwater life

10.Rent a Deluxe Ribs & boats

Enjoy numerous beautiful beaches on Paxos and Antipaxos that you cannot reach otherwise.

11.Private charter get-away trip

Explore all hidden beauties of Paxos and Antipaxos from the comfort and privacy of your own boat.

12.Join an organized group escape

Enjoy a long day, weekend, or even a week of activities with family or a group of friends.

13.See the sunset in Erimitis

Enjoy the incredible sunset view from the white cliffs of Erimitis beach

14.Have a yoga session

Practice mindfulness in scenic locations, gazing at the majestic views of Paxos.

15.Go snorkeling in the sea

Set up with mask, snorkel, flippers and discover the undersea world

16.Go kayaking

Rent a kayak and explore the natural beauty of Paxos in a safe and fun manner.

17.Go SUPing

Choose your paddle-board and drift away.

18.Explore the abandoned villages

A thrilling experience discovering the soul of the island’s past.

19.Rent a private cruise

Cruise the beautiful Ionian waters in a majestic cruise boat and spend your nights on board.

20.Rent a private villa with a pool

Rent a private villa with a pool, sea view, and all amenities, and enjoy a luxurious stay.



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