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Paxos Yoga! Secret Getaway!!!

Practice mindfulness with us in scenic locations, gazing at the majestic waters of Paxos, listening to the natural background music of the sea, birds and wind, for a morning or evening session. Feel relaxed, free and energized!
If you prefer the comfort of your own villa, you are most welcome to contact us and we will heartily accommodate you with a tailored private session.
We organize yoga retreats with Anastasia and we always welcome all yoga teachers that would like to hold their retreat on our beautiful island. 
Fill out the form to contact us now to have your very own retreat with us.
Our mindfulness coach, Anastasia, comes from Paxos. After traveling the world and living in India for years, Anastasia came back to her roots and dedicated herself to sharing all astounding things her mentors taught her about training the mind, expressing the soul, working the body and listening to the heart.
She created Real Happy Yoga, and is currently teaching yoga & meditation in Paxos island as well as Athens, where she is based during the winter
The retreats take place at Villas, Apartment Complexes or by the Beach.  Relax and imagine starting your morning by practicing yoga on the terrace of your private villa overlooking the mesmerizing blue sea of Paxos, enjoy an evening yoga session on the beach while the sun sets reflecting magnificent colors on the sea.
The Yoga retreats are open to all levels of experience.

Come! Discover the inner you, reconnect with nature, align your energy and get revitalized.


Yoga is a way of life. Its meaning in Sanskrit is union; of the self with the universe and of the self within, becoming whole. It’s about living virtuously, body and mind. Come along!

Anastasia your Yoga instructor and health coach.

Hatha yoga – includes limbering, stretching & strengthening, breathwork, meditation and relaxation.
Meditation – includes breathwork & concentration, guided & unguided meditation and relaxation.

We look forward to have you join us for an unforgettable experience.
Early booking is important so you can secure a place because space is limited.



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