Sea Taxi


Private 24hr sea taxis: If your flight to Corfu is late at evening, you may decide to book a sea taxi.  There are 3 private sea taxis operating in Paxos. All of them are 24hr &
will take up to 10 persons. They are generally 250-300€ each way for Corfu to Paxos,
but if there are others you share the cost, if you are alone expect to pay 300€.
Very useful for out of hours transfers or large groups or when shared.
Normally if there is no option of hydrofoil or Despina on that particular day,
there are always others on the sea taxi so don't be put off by the cost.


NIKOS : + 0030 6932232072

ANDREAS:+ 0030 6977629033

TASOS : 0030 6944832964.

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