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Jaunts and Excursions

Our office organizes day trips around the island, to the blue grottoes and to Antipaxos where you will find fantastic beaches with golden sand and turquoise waters. There is also a Sunset Cruise including the protected Islands of Panagia & St. Nikolas as well Great day out snorkelling, sightseeing and island hopping. Visit west coast of Antipaxos and snorkel in rodovani bay for clear views of the fascinating world of the sea. See the tiny Daskalia isles and Antipaxos

The best way to explore the Island is to tour the coast line is by hiring a boat. There are many beaches which are not accessible by road. At our office we hire fully equipped boats for to 7 people and from 15 to 30 horse power at very good prices.

Our island offers clear water and a wonderful seabed whose structure makes the visitor explore it. For beginners the only thing needed is a mask and for more advance divers there is a diving center in Lakka that can offer you a wonderful experience.
For more information please ask us.


Most beaches in Paxos are un-commercial, there are however still a couple of options for Watersports.

Levrchio  beach (which is within walking distance from Loggos harbour) offers activities such as Canoe kayak- Sailing dinghies.Or you can rent your own Sport ,Speed Boat Deluxe with Water sports available, ski's & ringo's provided (for children)

In Monodentri Beach (just north of Loggos), windsurfs, pedalows, Sun bed and umbrella hire are also available on this beach.

Paxos is blessed with many attractive beaches part of the fun is exploring the coastline a lot of the beaches are accessible by car, however like most islands there are still quite a few tucked away where you can only access by boat. The small shingle/stoney beaches scattered around the local coastline provide pleasant spots to relax and watch village life. We have listed some particularly notable beaches.

Levrechio Beach
Only a 5 minute walk south of Loggos, a small beach that has a taverna set back from it, which also has changing facilities.

Marmari Beach
Is accessible from Levrechio (walk to the left of the Taverna and watch for the small sign pointing out the path for Marmari on the left). A pretty little beach that has olive trees to provide natural shade

Kipos Beach
If you continue walking south from Marmari you will come to Kipos, much like Marmari in that the beach is edged with olive trees. This can also be accessed by car. Take the turning at Kontogianatika (approximately 1km south of Loggos) follow the road till the end, the path is to the left of the stoned wall, take care walking down to the beach, it can get a little steep.

Kipiadi Beach
A beautiful half moon bay. Another stony beach, however the stones here are quite flat. There is no natural shade or hiring of sunbeds or umbrellas
Taking the same turn for Kipos at Kontogianatika you follow the road for approximately 200m where there is a small intersection (and normally a green large rubbish bin on the right) take the right turn and follow the road til you get to a T junction, turn right here there is a small amount of parking on the side of the road and some further (or about 6 cars) at the end of the road. It takes about 5 minutes to walk down to the beach from the road.

Plani Beach
One beach that is accessible by car on the west coast. This is a good beach if you want to see how different the west coast is from the east. To the right of the beach (facing the sea) there is a type of muddy clay that you can rub on your body to cleanse it! Large rock shelves that you can go exploring on and a beautiful spot to watch the sun set.

Mogonissi Beach
Located on Mogonissi in the south of the island (which is attached to Paxos by a small causeway. This is the only sandy beach on the island the sand is bought in especially. A taverna set back from the beach that hires out sunbeds and umbrellas. There are also pedlars to hire here.

For the lovers of nature, Paxos is the unique place for walks.
In our office you can find the most detail map of  : BLEASDALE WALKING Map & Booklet OF PAXOS. The endless paths through the olive groves and cypress groves but also the paths covered with stones between stone walls that lead to old villages or churches and water tanks, give the walker an impressive experience


The Museum in Gaios
Housed in what was the old Junior School on the south side of the harbour the museum shows of the many different influences the island has had. There are fossils and pottery from the classical period, tools and guns from the Venetian time and examples of the grand life that had been lead by some with its various furnishings.There is also a splendid collection of clothing and a 17nth centuy bed with wooden rings hanging above for a lady to rest her feet during her fist wedding night. Next to it is a babys cot and various items from a ladys dressing table.
The kitchen settings in the next hall illustrate the grand life style of years gone by.
The Museum opend in 1996 by the Cultural Society of Paxos and is open every day during the summer. It has been very generously supported by the Paxiots,who have donated or loaned most of the exhibits.
The Musem is open from 10:00am 2pm daily.

The Olive Press Musuem
Located in Magazia (small village in the middle of the island). The museum has been restored by the daughter of the last owner of the press the press was established in 1865 and stopped production in 1964. You can walk around the small museum or if you pay EUR2.00 she will explain to you with great enthusiasm the workings of the old manual machines and tell you with great fondness her memories of when it was working.



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